How will Addison & Clark benefit the community?

Addison & Clark is a unique opportunity to improve upon the overall character of an urban center by bringing new services and retail options to Lakeview. The property currently contains significant surface parking and does not include the type of high-quality buildings and services the community deserves. Buffered on all sides by commercial property, this is an optimal location on which to focus development in order to limit the impact on adjacent residential areas, create a sustainable building, widen area sidewalks and provide needed jobs and local tax revenue.

What role does the community have? How can I get involved?

We have been working with elected officials, community leaders, and neighborhood residents from the beginning of this process, and plan to keep the lines of communication completely open. We welcome your thoughts. To receive updates and hear about upcoming meetings, please join our e-mail list by clicking “For More Information”

How will this affect traffic and parking in the neighborhood?

As those who live in the area know, there’s no way around Cubs game-day congestion. The project team is working diligently to integrate the development into the community on both game days and throughout the rest of the year.

Addison & Clark has been designed to take advantage of existing transit options in the community. The development will be just steps from two bus lines (#152 Addison and #22 Clark) and one train station (the Red Line at Addison). This is a prime example of a transit-oriented development that has made reducing emissions and congestion a priority.

Additionally, by providing onsite parking at Addison & Clark, residents and visitors will have the opportunity to park at a convenient, central location, reducing street parking in the neighborhood.

Will the project incorporate environmentally sensitive design features?

Yes. The development plans to utilize numerous environmentally-conscious products and practices in order to be eligible for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification (LEED). The U.S. Green Building Council manages the LEED program and the Green Building Rating System™ which “encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices through the creation and implementation of universally understood and accepted tools and performance criteria.” Addison & Clark will be an example of how to build green in an urban environment.

What kind of retail shops will be included on the site?

Tenants for the project are still being researched and will depend on the final, approved design of the buildings. Various outlets, such as a grocery store, health club and a pharmacy, among other retail vendors, have been considered.

What will happen to the current businesses located on the site?

The existing businesses will have the option to return after construction. The current owners of the development site will maintain their ownership of the property. Many of the current businesses have maintained a long relationship with the ownership team over many years.

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